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Montreal World Cup race pictures

The winner: Judith Arndt, seconds after crossing the finish line

2nd place Fabiana Luperini giving congrats to the winner

We took our own advice and headed over to Mount Royal to see the 11th women's Montreal World Cup Road Race.

It was excellent!

Speedy corner entering Parc Avenue

Especially if your name was Judith Arndt. She won the 110.66 km race in 3:11.34 (avg speed 34.65 km/h) in a final sprint to the line with 2nd place finisher Fabiana Luperini. Full results here from the UCI and here from

The results were decent for Canadians: one podium, two Canadians on the National Team were in the top ten, and a total of three Canadian "cyclistes" in the top ten.

The Canadians/Les Québecoise:
(Olympic update included below look for JO...)):
  • 3 Leigh Hobson - 3rd place - Equipe Nationale Canada (JO roadrace 13th)
  • 6 Anne Samplonius - Equipe Nationale Canada
  • 7 Erinne Willock - Webcor builders (JO roadrace 37th)
  • 17 Felicia Gomez - Aaron's Professional Cycling Team
  • 20 Alex Wrubleski - Webcor builders (see photo below) (JO roadrace 50th)
  • 22 Julie Beveridge - Aaron's Professional Cycling Team
  • 33 Sue Schlatter - EMD Sereno Stevens (2nd place on Mount Washington!)
  • 41 Johanne Cyr - Equipe Cascades
  • 43 Bettina Hold - Equipe Nationale Canada
  • 44 Moriah Jo MACGREGOR - Equipe Nationale Canada
  • 46 Julie BELLEROSE - equipe Cascades
  • 50 Jen STEPHENSON - Ultralink
  • 59 Sophie Matte - EMD Sereno Stevens
  • 64 Julie Bradley - EMD Sereno Stevens
  • 65 Alyssa Mellon - Ultralink
  • 66 Catherine Hogan - Specialized Carrefour Multisport Maz
  • 70 Tricia K Spooner - EMD Sereno Stevens
  • 74 Joanie Caron - Equipe Cascades
  • 77 Genevieve Gauthier - Specialized Carrefour Multisport Maz
  • 80 Natasha Elliott - EMD Sereno Stevens
  • 82 Mathilde Hupin - Specialized Carrefour Multisport Maz
  • 83 Sarah Coney - Ultralink
  • 86 Allison Lampey - Ultralink
  • 87 Veronique Labonté - Equipe Cascades
  • 88 Karol-Ann Canuel - Specialized Carrefour Multisport Maz
  • 96 Joelle Numainville - ESGL 93 GSD Gestion
  • 104 Julia Farell - Ultralink
  • 105 Chloe St-Arnaud-Watt - Ultralink
  • 110 Alison Testroete - Aaron's Professional Cycling Team
  • 117 Susan Palmer-Komar - Advil-Chapstick
  • 118 Kirsten Robbins - Advil-Chapstick
  • 119 Elisa Gagnon - Advil-Chapstick
  • 121 Julie Marceau - Specialized Carrefour Multisport Maz
Congrat's to everyone who came to Montreal to race and especially to those superhumans finished this very physically challenging race. Come back any time!

For historical buffs, the French cycling legend Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli was DNF in position 81. She is 11 months older than CFM! Unlike us, she is ... "la plus titrée de toutes avec 30 médailles aux Jeux Olympiques ou en Coupe du monde cycliste, treize championnats du monde, trois victoires du Tour de France féminin, 38 records du monde, et 800 victoires depuis sa première licence" (french wikipedia).

In weather news, the race started in rain, but stopped about halfway, a very good thing for racers and fans alike.

The UCI's webpage for the race is here, and the real name of the event is la Coupe du Monde de Cyclisme Féminin 2008, somewhere to that gets added Montréal and Route (road). In English it is "Montreal Women’s Cycling World Cup."

These women remain in the Montreal area this week for the 7th edition of the Tour du Grand Montréal. This stage race visits Granby, Chateauguay, Mont St-Hillaire, Lachine and Little Italy over the next few days.

Here's some more pics of the action:

Almost at the top of the Camilien Houde climb

Hairpin a couple hundred metres before the finish line

Fast cyclist with non-Montreal tan and nice pink nails

entering avenue du Parc

Sprint up park avenue with one turn to go before finish line

The pack climbs the middle of Camilien Houde hill around the middle of the race

Starting the second hairpin, this group wasn't at the front of the race.
Every possible combo of cool/wet weather cycling clothing on display.

100% used up, and it's still better than a 9-5 job! She's #46

On the steep upper section of Montréal's 1.7 km Mont Royal climb.

Riding through Montréal's Mount Royal park near the top of the climb. The Camilien Houde climb is long and steep - and the city's best climb.

A real in-the-clouds alpine look at the top of our "mountain" today

The rain has stopped, and the riders are a lot happier looking

Quick snack at the feed zone - drink that food!


This woman was cheering on all slow uphill riders, and often running faster than the riders.

The race is finished and it is oxygen-replenishment time. Canadian Alex Wrubleski - Webcor builders. The trees behind her are working hard to provide the oxygen she needs.

Cycle Fun Montreal would like to thank all the racers, team members, organizers, team and event sponsors, and the volunteers (and fans!) who together made this a successful and superfantastic event.

A local note: wouldn't it be great if they closed Camilien Houde to car traffic, just once a week, say, on Sunday mornings, so cyclists could enjoy our "world class cycling facility" without cars constantly passing us, especially on the extra-narrow road at the top through the canyon? Especially since our Olympic Velodrome was closed and turned in to a zoo?



At 3:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had quit just a bit earlier and ask to be towed up the mountain to see her mom who was up there.

At 3:04 PM, Blogger Cycle Fun Montreal said...

FYI, in case I am misunderstood (... again) I'm not dissing her. Anyone who can ride this course a few times fast, as everyone on Sunday did, gets my respect. #46 rode hard until she couldn't ride anymore, that gets my respect 100% any day.

I wish I could ride as hard as the weakest, slowest of these women.


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