Wednesday, June 04, 2008

When the forecast says showers, it means you can ride your bike

If it isn't a major downpour, light or intermittent rain is not an obstacle to riding your bike.

To make it a lot more comfortable, we use detachable seatpost-fender, and a front fender velcro-attached to the downtube of the frame. Shoes get a bit wet but that's it.

If you have the luxury, you can set up your "old bike" for rain, with the addition of real fenders.

And remember to ALWAYS AVOID PUDDLES. In montreal, they could mask a two-foot deep pothole.

Existing in a state of high visibility is also highly useful. I turn on my tail-light (a very bright strobe model). This increases the safety margin considerably.

Sometimes. Rarely. Once in a while. You will be caught in a real downpour. Using humour, and even singing loud songs about riding in the rain, can alleviate any feelings of misery.


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