Thursday, August 21, 2008

Riding to work with cool mornings and hot afternoons

Late summer...

riding to work on cool mornings...

riding home in the heat...

Cool mornings, don't we mean collis it was maudit criss de froid this week?

Staying warm is a big part of staying happy.

So it is time to add some extra clothing for the morning ride, but what exactly?

First we add arm warmers and a light tuque.

A snug fitting and double-zippered cycling vest is next.

Then come tights and liner gloves when it's down to ten C.

When the temperature drops below ten (don't deny it, it's coming and you know it) we wear all these things.

Add a cycling jacket when required. It's always in the bag in case nasty moisture starts falling from the sky.

If you use cycling shoes then add booties whenever your toes tell you it's time.

with autumn comes darkness, so remember to use lights and some reflectors at night. Change the batteries now!

And now we are well attired, we can continue riding until the snows come.

In case you are still cold, try this: RIDE HARDER! It's not rocket science. Stop at stop signs and red lights, and then accelerate, HARD, again and again and again and again, until you are hot stuff.


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