Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday night sunset ride - Gouin east to RDP

late afternoon, painting finished for today, where to ride?

How about Gouin to the east?

Excellent suggestion! We rode up bike path north on brebeuf and Chris Columbus. On gouin there is plenty of riding in parkland and not street, then when you've got quite far, it's back on the street and with telephone poles in the poor excuse for a path. Until we reached this point the ride was excellent. We u-turned at Jean Baptist in RDP about 20 km east from when we arrived at Gouin.

On the way back we explored Jarry Park, watched some cricket, and investigated the two biggest trees in the park. They are the famous, and now rare, American Elm tree.

Arrived back home just as darkness fell, translation: a perfectly-timed, perfect-weather sunset ride.


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