Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Another bike on the way

OMG, the collection expands by another bike. Time to sell the oldest one!

Anyway, we will soon be the happy owner of a Rotator Tiger recumbent bike. It will replace the stolen second hand one I had bought in 2000 because of shoulder and neck issues with the Bertrand racing bike. While the shoulder and neck are better (mostly), we did miss the amazing speed and comfort (and the scenic upright view from the comfy seat) of the Tiger since we started to seriously re-ride the Bertrand. Plus the Bert is an older bike, (20 years and going strong!), so some of the modern conveniences (a.k.a. gimmicks) are missing from it's gear shifting system.

We really liked the speed and performance of this excellent recumbent bike, and look forward to blowing away yet more serious roadies with it's amazing combo of small light wheels, hugely superior aerodynamics, and wait for it, extreme comfort!


At 5:47 PM, Blogger Catherine said...

Very nice bike! I've never seen that recumbent. I have a Burley Koosah and I'd love a swb recumbent


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