Friday, April 17, 2009

10 million dollars for bixi? We'd spend $10M on...

The city of Montreal is spending ten million dollars on the Bixi bike rental/extortion program.

We'd rather the city spent money on:
  • Secure bike parking (including bike boxes/secure & covered bike parking)
  • bike rider education
  • fixing potholes
  • public drinking fountains and washrooms
  • more safe bike paths
  • a full north-south link in western mtl/NDG
  • modernizing the Lachine Canal bike path (3-lanes)
  • more parking sign/meter posts with bike parking (we like these a lot)
  • sweeping the winter crap off of the bike paths and the sides of Montreal streets
The city is improving the situation for bikes and cycling quite rapidly. Cyclists have a right to safe conditions for cycling. And conditions could be safer. (rider's too)

Overall, we think the city is moving in the right direction. The city has announced a bike path for the "missing link." a bike path connection between the Plateau and the Pont Jacques Cartier Bridge entrance (the wider and wildly scenic west-side path). We're surprised at this news... and happy!

Good work Montreal!


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