Sunday, April 26, 2009

North Hatley - Compton dirt road adventure ride

We survived a hard and longer than expected with less time than expected with more hills than expected on more dirt roads than expected. But we had a map and a well-functioning bike and we got back to North Hatley in time to see Montreal poet Maxianne Berger at the La Chocolatière d'Hatley B & B, with a few seconds to spare.

The weather was summer-time perfect, and the region is very beautiful. For a easier ride, the the first leg of our ride on the excellent bike path between North Hatley and Lennoxville is flat and scenic, and fun. Unfortunately for us, instead of turning around and riding this path back to North Hatley, we decided to return by Compton, which is the very long and hilly way. And we took interesting dirt roads, which, while scenic, were very hilly. So we finished the ride quite hot and sweaty.

This is a beautiful region, and although we had summer temperatures on Saturday, we hope to return in real summer!


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