Thursday, June 18, 2009

Montreal Bike Parking

This is a post about Montreal bike parking.

Secure winter bike parking. These bikes aren't moving until spring arrives. And we don't want to hear any complaints about how it is too hot in summer.

Fallen down bike parking. It's ok to lift the bike back up as a favor to humanity.

Winter is the loneliest season for bike parking

This bike is clearly camouflaged, thus preventing bike thieves from noticing it

Who needs a lock when you've got a dog to protect your bike. Hey, where's the bike?

To a casual eye, this looks like bike parking, but to the trained eye, this location screams UNSAFE! Why is that? (Hint: stripped bike frames, isolated location, and did we mention: completely stripped bike frames?)

Bike parking, on the east side of the excellent Jean-Talon public market. Frankly, the JTM needs a lot more bike parking.

A more ferocious looking bike guardian. Note the rim-bender type bike rack tied to the dog, maybe fido is there to prevent you from damaging your bike wheel in this grossly-inferior design for bike parking.

Extremely bad bike parking: blocking the handicapped ramp at PA supermarket. Bad bike riders.

Bike parking, protected by a giant cartoon rodent, which seems friendly enough.

This on-street bike parking is still missing it's bike racks, a mere two months the racks are supposed to be installed.

The sign helpfully tells you to stop parking your bike after 1 november. Sure, you can ride all you want... but just don't park.

The protective barrier for the bike parking is happy with its life

Confused? (Note the custom fender, a subject for a future post)

Parking post bike parking. Note the little bike icons telling you stop here, park, relax, enjoy life.

This parking post is not for bikes. Note the color-scheme difference from the bike-parking friendly parking post above.

Some cyclists try to blend their bikes into the natural surroundings. Is this a bike, or is it topiary designed to look amazingly like a bike?

The flowers on the handlebars make us think of summer. Summer, when this camouflage would be a lot more effective.

Speaking of effective camouflage, this bike completely blends in with its surroundings.Maybe a little too well.


At 11:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello cycle fun bloggers... this is intended as a honest-friendly message (lack of non-verbal comm through internet sux..)

i often read ur posts about "jerk cyclists" not respecting "the law".(i partially agree with you...because WHO wrote the law?, many Transit Rules were made with a car in mind, not bikes, etc)...and you bitch a lot about the subject but (as long as i know) you dont do anything about it...besides blogging and bitching about it..

SUGGESTION:maybe art interventions...URBAN THETHER, helmet stickers, fixie-rider bazookas (im a fixie kidding), talks/lectures in schools, parks, intersections, etc...
i believe (not sure) that you write letters and "pressure" authorities...that's respectable...what else? then what?

...anyways i come from mexico, used to work in a pro-pedestrian pro-bike NGO... if u read spanish, or can interpret pictures check them out, get inspired,,,,,

c u in september montreal cyclists..

-christian scott

At 11:23 AM, Blogger Cycle Fun Montreal said...

Yes, we can all do our part to make Montreal a safer and more liveable city.

As for your comment:
"and you bitch a lot about the subject but (as long as i know) you dont do anything about it...besides blogging and bitching about it.."

well, gosh thanks for the recognition.

So, you are suggesting that we should just ignore people riding on the sidewalk and in all other manner of crazy ways. cyclists who terrorize pedestrians and endanger others?

We don't think so. Sorry for reminding you that cyclists can be big jerks too. (are we describing you?)

We do not apologize for the fact that when we ride, we obey the"law" (which as a means to promote safe cycling somehow seems to offend you a lot). The happy looks from pedestrians when we stop and yield their right of way gives us a happy feeling.

And then some idiot riding on the sidewalk makes a woman jump out of her way... and we get all grumpy.

But we do try to write happy posts too, so y'all come back now.


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