Friday, June 19, 2009

Some new Bicycle Rider Education posters

Montreal has been using the display space above the sidewalk bike racks to educate bicycle riders on safety and security.

We think a lack of bicycle ride education is a big problem in search for an effective solution.

Here are some new bicycle rider-education signs we have just seen:

Be courteous, don't ride on the sidewalks / take back the neighbourhood

Pedal with your head - take back the neighbourhood

We've also seen this written as "Pedale avec ta tete - En sécurité dans nos quartiers" (Pedal with your head - in security in our neighbourhood"

And, right on schedule is a jerk riding his bike on the sidewalk, right past the no-bike-on-sidewalk sign


At 7:51 AM, Anonymous Marc-O said...

Hey, we're not all Cirque du Soleil folks around here. Does anyone know how difficult it is to pedal with one's head? First, you only have one head, and a bike has two pedals, that means twice the work, or really fast switching your head from one pedal to the other, and then, with your head following the pedal, in circular motion, and at a level of everyone's knees, it doesn't allow you to get a clean vision of the road ahead. Doesn't ring as a very safe way to ride a bike to me. This seems to confirm what I thought: those who plan for bikes in the city do not ride one themselves, though they certainly have seen one used in a circus tent on the Jacques-Cartier Pier.

Last note, if you really mean to try it, please wear a helmet! Most bike pedals are made to be comfortable for shoes, not for your head.


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