Saturday, June 20, 2009

summer 09 Vélo Mag

We spent spring 2009 exploring the Maskinongé region just west of Trois Rivieres, little did we realize that Velo Mag was also exploring there. They have a travel feature on the "pays du sarrasin" (land of buckwheat) which is one of the characteristics of this region. Another trait is that the region offers excellent cycling possibilities. (We confirm this with 500 km of explorations), It's also not too far from Montreal.

Other travel info in this issue is cycling with the children, Paris-Peking, the Acadian region (read: New Brunswick), and the mountains of the Gaspesie (the interoir range called the Chic-Chocs).

There is also some travel swag inside the bag that the magazine came in: maps for the region of Quebec city (which doesn't show the excellent new Cycloroute Bellechasse bike path), but is otherwise an excellent one-stop overview of the various bike paths around the capital region. We'll be using this map fersure.

Other swag was a Monteregie road cycling map 2009 edition, a Velirium09 programme (roughly: mtn bike racing and related festival/activities at Mont Ste-Anne), a repertoire 2009 for overnight accomodations participating in the "Bienvenue Cyclistes" certification plan (briefly: then have a locked/covered place for your bike to spend the night, and a few other things)(key message: visit all over Quebec, and bring your bike!), amd finally a laurentians region guide de services officiel Velo / Ski de fond / motoneige - the main attraction is the p'tit train du Nord bike path map (it's a really good map).

There was also a profile of Michel Lebreque, who is the president of the Societe de Transport de Montreal (STM), and past president of Velo Quebec. Yes, he is an avid cyclist too.

It looks like a good issue, get yours today.


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