Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Bike lane markings appear on Graham boulevard in TMR/VMR

"Designated roadway" bike lane, the cheap and ineffective solution to bicycle safety

Bike lane ("designated roadway") markings have appeared on the northwest part of Graham boulevard in TMR/VMR.

This is a popular bike-commuting route (we use it every day) and very worthy of being identified as a bicycle route.

This is another step in the development of a bike route network on the island of Montreal. If we can link rural quebec with the route verte, then there is hope we can have a network of safe(r) bike paths, lanes, and designated roadways to travel on bicycle across Montreal island.

There are still many gaps in the network (north-south parallel to Decarie would be top of the list) so it's good to see the TMR/VMR axis appearing - out of nowhere!

We also notices some work being done on the traffic lane configuration around the circle in the middle of TMR/Graham, and it looks like this could lead to a bike lane being added here. Natch we forgot to snap a photo of this, sorry.

Cars showing some respect? No, just no right-lane-speeders at the moment.


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