Sunday, September 13, 2009

Excellent western-Mauricie mid-Maskinongé ride

Most of today's roads were very low-traffic. (map here)

Church in St-Barthelemy, we're back a bit before sunset.

The laurentians start... at the edge of the road.

Summer's greens changing to autumn's golds

Some unexpected auto-history, Model Ts!

Crossing the Riviere du Loup near St-Leon-le-Grand

We did another mid-Mastinongé ride today. That's the inland area on this side of Trois Rivieres.

This route was the result of many explorations in this region this year. Today we put the camera away and just rode the bike.

Lots of new asphalt and perfect temperatures mean that the bicycle riding was exquisite.

Ride notes:
Generally good to excellent pavement quality. But, bad asphalt on the main fast descent of the ride - down to Ste-Angele-de-Premont.
100 km long
600 m of climbing
90% quiet country roads
94 km distance from Montreal
Fun level: 25/30


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