Tuesday, September 15, 2009

september's wardrobe enhancements

September mornings mean a gradual reappearance of our cool-weather cycling apparel collection.

We dislike being cold, although we like The Cold.

Last week started with the spandex tights, this week the jacket, and this morning we wore our neck fleece. Below 10 we add a light tuque and some liner gloves.

This outfit is fine for the +10C September temperatures, although the jacket gets too warm if we ride more than 10 minutes. We should use a vest and arm warmers instead of the jacket.

The hardest thing is to keep track of all these different pieces of wardrobe, so we organize everything the night before. What a difference to the morning departure promptness. An excellent life hack.

We also put the lights on the bike.

And promptly had the front one stolen.



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