Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winter cross-training: snowshoeing on Mt Royal

When the riding the bike indoors on the computrainer becomes a bore (recuperation day, surely?) we take out our snowshoes and go upwards on Mont Royal.

Snowshoeing remains one of the best things to do in the dark (it isn't actually dark) on Mont Royal in winter. The snow and city lights keep the forest well-lit. If there's a moon, bonus! If there is a full moon, and fresh snow, well, then you will experience the true magic of winter.

If you don't have snowshoes, we can recommend the plastic MSR snow shoes (raquettes). Also, Les Amis de Montagne rents snowshoes at the Beaver lake pavilion. Click here for more info. They also offer guided snowshoe walks at night.

Remember: stick to trails and don't trample small trees.

Dress in layers, keep extremities covered, never touch metal with bare fingers, and avoid cotton clothing - it will freeze you!

Carry a plastic whistle (i.e. fox-40) because this adventure, don'cha know.

Now it's time to go... outside!


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