Sunday, December 06, 2009

Worst section of bike path in the city now rebuilt

The bike path (Route Verte #1) that is the main north-south axis of bike paths in Montreal always had a certain "worst bikepath in the city" section on Christophe Coulomb between Jarry and the Autoroute 40/Metropolitan expressway.

This section even had people showing up at city council to complain about its pitiful condition and unsafe design. The fact that this was a busy bike path made the situation even moreunbearable.

The city has responded, and has rebuilt the section from "modified sidewalk" (and we don't mean modified in a good way!) to the new design: full street lane, with peemananet lane barier dividing the bike path from car traffic.

Here are some photos of the new bike path. We congratulate the city in making this major improvement to the safety of bike path infrastructure in the city.


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