Wednesday, May 12, 2010

bike commuting, some observations

While bike commuting through Montreal we have observed the following dangerous behaviours (all of these were witnessed today):

massive cell phone use
massive texting use
massive ipod use (get those things outa yer ears!)
minor people reading the newspaper while driving
occasional women adding facial makeup while driving

And our least favorite driving behaviour: lane jumping solid lines at intersections, we especially don't like this because we think that this is how we will die. We'll just be biking along safely in an empty lane, and someone in the left/turn lane doesn't want to wait and presses the gaz and zoom crosses the solid line suddenly, directly into us. Crunch. His/her car will be OK. We will die. He/she will say "I didn't see them." Which is why the left lane has a solid line, so you don't cross the line into an invisible cyclist.

Some well-deserved thanks to the safe car drivers
We want to thank the great majority of car drivers who drive carefully with full attention, and super bonus thanks to the nice people who pass us with plenty of space. Thanks everybody.


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