Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More anti-cyclist craziness from Parc Drapeau/Circuit Gilles Villeneuve management

You really have to wonder if the management of Parc Drapeau has ever ridden a bicycle? The latest improvements to the (highly excellent) Circuit Gilles Villeneuve F1 race track are not pleasing the cyclist community.

The Parc Drapeau management is trying to "manage" the flow of runners, cyclists, and inline skaters. Good Luck! New changes to the lanes/signs at popular race track are not making the situation better. One big issue is that there is a car lane on the otherwise active-recreation-focused race track. Ban the cars, and let the summer bus to the island's beach use the side of the resulting full-width track.

More info/opinion here at, and 24H news article here, and the press release here.

We're sure there will be more news and opinion to come over the next few days, and none of it will complement the management of Parc Drapeau for their "improvements."

Update: excellent analysis concerning the recent anti-cyclist changes to the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve at this link. (en francais)


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