Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Olmstead road uphill training

Getting closer to 10 mpg avg speed up Mt Royal's 6 km dirt road 500 ft elevation gain climb on mtn bike. 9.67 mph was last nights avg speed, and wasn't trying to go fast, that's 23.5 minutes and the goal is 18 minutes = 20 km/h for the climb a.k.a. the impossible dream/posted speed limit.

Notice how we switch between mph and km/h to keep you confused.

What we don't do is race back down Olmstead road. We take the CamHoude pavement route to return, Olmstead road is a quiet dirt road with tons of pedestrians who get very annoyed at idiots on bikes racing down this road.

If you try it, remember that the road no longer starts at the monuments, but lower down at the Pine-Parc intersection.


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