Thursday, June 03, 2010

Parc Jean Drapeau/Circuit Gilles Villeneuve HATES cyclists - part 2

The management of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve race track is standing firm on it's anti-cyclist track-use policy.

Even though their cyclists-accident reasons have proved to be completely false, they are not backing down on their plan to build dangerous chicanes which will be an obstacle to safe use of the track by cyclists.

We have to ask, is this chicane idea really the best solution they can come up with to safely manage the flow of users on the track? Really? Or is it the solution that pokes a finger in the eye of the cyclists using the park and the track as the ONLY safe alternative for sport cyclists? We think the latter since this whole sordid tale has deep roots in the strong anti-cyclist attitude demonstrated by Parc Jean Drapeau management.

Read more here at la Presse. Read the FQSC's press release here. They have a file on the subject at (a good quebec cycling news website that we check every day).

Heck, even Velo-Quebec is against the chicane idea!

This is both a disgrace and a scandal, and the accountable to almost no-one park management need to feel some heat on this issue, so call the mayor today.


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