Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Why we like our northern Lanaudiere ride

There are many things go combine to make a bike ride into a great bike ride.

We like our St-Jean-de-Matha / Ste-Emilie-de-l'Energie / Ste-Beatrix ride because:
  • good distance
  • good hills
  • The two long hills have good descents after the summit is reached
  • good scenery
  • A few good scenic lookouts, one has benches (northbound to ste-emilie)
  • good roads (mostly)
  • quiet roads
  • 97 km from Mtl car distance, not so far
  • undeveloped area (no tims, macDo, other corporate crap)
  • the ride is made up of many short sections
  • many options exist to increase ride distance a bit
  • easy to abort - many places you can call it quits and get back to car
  • Good descents
  • No jerkin' around with flats until the hills finally arrive (first 20% hill
  • at 4 minutes into the ride)
  • The two major highways part of the ride have good paved shoulders.
  • There's a raspberry farm at foot of one of the major climbs
  • There's annual repairs/rebuilding to the roads of this ride
  • You feel like a tour de france mountain stage survivor by ride's end (and not
  • one of those front-of-the-pack guys)

Add it up and you see why we think this is one of the best rides around.


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