Thursday, July 29, 2010

marathon mountain bike ride

Riding a bike through the woods, does life get any better than this?

Nine new bridges complete the Chainon Manquant trail

We went back to East Hereford to see if the new trails Chainon Manquant and JDA were finished. Earlier this season they were walk-fests. Good news! Chainon Manquant has nine new bridges. Nine!

So we took these two trails from the Troll/Indian Stream intersection all the way to their conclusion (uphill!) to the start of Chasse-Galerie. Then we turned around, and we were happy to enjoy the fact that these two trails are downhill in the return direction.

So our ride was a combination of
  • Le Noire
  • Bobine
  • Quartz US/Quartz Cdn
  • Chainon Manquant
  • JDA
  • *turn around at end of JDA*
  • JDA
  • Chainon Manquant
  • Indian Stream
  • Panache
  • R├ęcupe
  • Tiny bit of Quartz US
  • Bobine
  • La Sapiniere (out to the good valley view and back)
  • Le Noire


And then the farm roads/double track north of town

  • Panorama
  • L'Express
  • Trial (counter-clockwise)
  • a bit of the Rang 9 road climb
  • L''Express
  • Panorama
Today's ride distance was around 65 km and six hours, so it was a big day. A big beautiful amazing day.

Red: single-track loop on Mont Hereford
Yellow: forest road/double track north of village

You can get lots of East hereford mountain biking information at the AllezY webpage for this destination. There is the above map and there are suggested loops based on distance/difficulty.

For an easy ride, we have noticed people, families, spouses, etc getting driven to the top of Bobine and riding back downhill to the village.

Parking for mountain bikers is behind the church. There are maps here and the paybox for the $5 they request from you in order to pay for these excellent new trails, the development of which costs money.


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