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Our quebec bike-ride maps collection, and a ride suggestion

The La Presse cycling blog by Caroline Rodgers (in french) recently suggested that people visit our little blog because we document our many bike rides, and we create maps of the rides on the bike-map website.

We focus on Quebec bike rides because 1) this is where we live, and 2) Quebec is great for bike riding. (and despite evidence to the contrary, we think most car drivers are very aware and courteous to bike riders once you get outside of Montreal island.)

So to help you out, here are a couple of links.
Note that the Bikely website can be slow at busy times.

For blog posts with descriptions and pictures of quebec bike rides, click the monthly archives at the right side of this web page. Sorry there's so many!

We think that Quebec has great cycling, and honestly... this place is a paradise for cyclists.


Our suggestion: Chateauguay Valley (le suroit) in the Monteregie

Our favorite suggestion for easy riding through beautiful countryside: Ride in the Chateauguay Valley starting in Ormstown. OK, we like it because we are from this little corner of Quebec, but besides that, many people have told us what a wonderful cycling destination this region is.

Riding along the Chateauguay river is one of the really nice rides close to Montreal. (You could also start the river ride in Ste-Martine, Howick, or Allans Corners at the Battle of the Chateauguay historical site). If you start in Ormstown, you can park at the IGA mall and there is a tourist map outside (near the pharmacy entrance) and inside the mall is a tourism wall-kiosk with tourist guides which include bike maps.

Some details: cross the Pont Mercier bridge to the Chateauguay Valley area starting in Ste-Martine or Ormstown (55 minutes from downtown Montreal). Avoid the busy Rt 138 or Rt 201 on bike. There are plenty of quiet country roads to enjoy.

Follow the Chateauguay river from Ormstown to the oldest covered bridge in Quebec at Powerscourt. Stop at Athelstan for snacks at the dep, and take your rest break at the covered bridge. This bridge was just renovated, we like it when our rural heritage is preserved.

Come back the same way, or take the flat and usually with-the-wind Gore side road and tullochgorum back to Ormstown. In fact, you have many possibilities to return, because the triangular nature of the valley's road network is ideal for cyclists!

Here is a map of this ride suggestion (this is what you came for). The link to this map on Bikely is here.

Notice the many quiet roads, we think there are many great rides around here.

Just avoid riding on Rt 138 and Rt 201.

Satellite pic shows the beautiful rural nature of this ride

Southwest Quebec, aka Chateauguay Valley, aka le Suroit, is not far from Montreal.

You can extend the distance by starting in Howick or Ste-Martine. We like everything inside the area bordered by Ste-Martine, Ste-Chrysostome, Covey hill, Powerscourt, Huntingdon and Ormstown.

In some areas of the province we to ride a specific route, but in the chateauguay valley almost every road is a good ride.

Another great ride in this area is to ride to Covey Hill. We document a ride in that area in a post from last week (below or see the archive for july 2010).


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