Wednesday, April 27, 2011

AMT announces new bikes-on-commuter-trains policy

The AMT has a new AccessVélo policy concerning bikes on the suburban commuter trains.

With a title like "Accessvélo" it is a bit of good news in the service improvement department.

You can check it out yourself at

Finally some good news, and some trains now have bike access that had never permitted bikes before.

But you have to wait until May 1 for the new policy to take effect (oh, don't you love bureaucracy!)

Here is the AMT Q&A info sheet. You should still use the link above to find out specific information for the train line you want to use.

From May 1, 2011, bicycles are authorized on board of the 5 commuter train lines. In order to ease your commute, consult the schedule and the directive to find out what type of bicycles are allowed and at which times they are welcome on board.

1- Can we bring bikes aboard any commuter train line?
Bicycle transport is authorized on all five commuter train lines.
2- Can we get on or off at all of the stations?
All of the stations are accessible except for Hudson and Île-Perrot on the Vaudreuil-Hudson line, and the Candiac station on the Candiac line.
3- What are the times we can bring bikes on the train?
On weekdays, bicycle transport is permitted outside of rush hours and only in the non-peak direction. On weekends and holidays, you can bring your bicycle aboard any time, but do check the schedule to find out what trains you can use and at which times.
4- Is there a minimum age requirement for bringing bikes on board?
Anyone can bring a bicycle aboard a commuter train. Children less than 14 years old must be accompanied by someone over 14, however.
5- Where should I be standing on the platform while I wait?
Locate the sign near the station entrance and follow the direction to the proper spot on the platform. At the designated area, there will be another sign indicating Embarquement (boarding).
6- Are there bike racks in all cars?
The 3000-series cars, i.e. the double-deckers, are equipped with bicycle racks for a maximum of 4 bicycles per car. On the Deux-Montagnes line, only the engine cars (the MR-90’s) have bicycle racks (4 spaces per engine car).
7- How do we know which cars on the Deux-Montagnes line are engine cars?
There will be a “bicycles authorized” pictogram by the door of the engine cars. If you see this pictogram, you’re good to go!
8- What do we do if we get on board and all of the bike rack spaces are used up?
If the bicycle racks in the car you are in are all occupied, you will have to get off immediately and wait for the next train, as indicated on the schedule.
9- Do we need to secure the bikes on the train?
Yes, bicycles must be secured to the racks at all times while the train is in motion.
10- Where on a commuter car are the bike racks located?
In 3000-series cars, the bicycle racks are at either end of the car. In MR-90 cars on the Deux-Montagnes line, the bicycle racks are in the middle of the engine cars.
11- How many bicycles are allowed per train?
The maximum number of bicycles is 12.
12- Can we move between cars?
Moving from one car to another is never permitted. The only time you are permitted to do this is when you are securing your bicycle or picking it up to leave the train.
13- Can someone refuse me admission on the train if I have a bicycle?
If you are travelling outside authorized hours or failing to follow stated directives, or in the event of an emergency, service interruption or any other valid reason, the AMT’s authorized employees may prohibit access to bicycles on a particular train.
14- Can employees help cyclists bring their bikes on or off the train?
Train employees and inspectors have specific duties that make them unavailable to help travellers with their bicycles. You should be able to bring your bike aboard and get it off again by your own means.
15- Are bikes permitted in Central Station?
Cyclists are free to travel to or from Central Station.
16- Can we use the platform 9-10 and platform 11-12 elevators on the Deux-Montagnes line?
Yes, this access is authorized for getting down to or up from the platform with a bicycle. The second option is the central stairway. All other accesses are forbidden.
17- Can we use any of the exits to disembark?
You should exit only through the doors marked with the bicycle pictogram. The authorized exit doors are the ones at the end of the central stairway and off the elevator.
18- Can we go anywhere in the retail area (Les Halles de la Gare) of Central Station?
You are entitled to use the concourse, but only to get to the train platform or to leave in the direction of the La Gauchetière exit. Bicycles are not permitted in the retail area. If you need to enter the retail area to go to the ticket office or one of the stores or restaurants, you will have to go outside, lock up your bicycle, and then come back in.
19- Are foldable bikes permitted in Central Station?
Yes, at all times, provided they are packed away in a bag.


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