Monday, April 25, 2011

Frelighsburg-Mystic magical mystical ride

A beautiful 52 km ride in the eastern townships

Another rest stop, and another cemetery.

This is the smallest old rural cemetery we've ever seen.

Downhill back into Frelighsburg

Our ride is counterclockwise, so we didn't have to climb up this hill the hard way.

Really old anglo cemetery on very scenic Philipsburg Road

Basswood tree and cemetery

12-sided barn in Mystic, now part of the Missisquoi museum.

Frelighsburg is one of the better places in Quebec for road bike rides. You can park here and ride across the border into mystical magical Vermont. or you can stay on this side of the border, and ride to mystical magical Mystic.

Or you can park in the new parking lot in Mystic and bike to Frelighsburg.

Today's route was very good. We'll be back again, perhaps even looking for a longer version of this ride.

Here is the map on Bikely.

The ride in relation to Montreal: southeast!

The Eastern Townships are east of Montreal.

The Chateauguay Valley is NOT part of the Eastern Townships.


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