Saturday, April 09, 2011

It's a beautiful day - why aren't you outside on your bike?

Some people are crack-of-dawn types, getting out on their bikes as soon as breakfast has been consumed, some people are crack-of-noon types, waiting for the temperature to climb along with the sun.

And then there are the surf all day types, (we're looking in the mirror and wondering... is this us?) but we are finally caught up on sleep, caffeine and calories and ready to assert our 18 inches of the road.

No matter what kind of rider you are, now is the time of year to admit that winter is over, and to get outside and ride, and then ride some more.

Two tips

Oil your chain, and put the correct amount of air pressure in your tires. You might also want to verify if your brakes work.

And now we are off to ride to Quebec's oldest covered bridge, in Powerscourt Quebec.


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