Saturday, April 02, 2011


This ride is one of the great rides of the Chateauguay Valley region.

Follow the Chateauguay river from Ormstown to Dewittville on the Rt 138A (the old highway)
Cross the river in Dewittville, and take Rockburn side road (aka Dewittville side road) to Rockburn.

Ormstown To Dewittville to Rockburn

Ormstown to Dewittville to Rockburn, from space.

Old times in Dewittville

Scenic streamside springtime

Some of the Dewittville sideroad is brand-new perfect asphalt

Presbyterian church in Rockburn.

Big trees on the Rt 138A

That's a big tree

Take Pont Mercier and keep going to Ormstown on Rt 138


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