Sunday, April 03, 2011

Pont Jaques Cartier bike path - Longueuil side rebuilt!

The Pont Jacques Cartier is a popular and scenic bike path

Did you know that pont is bridge in french? Here is the history of the bridge's name from the Pont Jacques Cartier website.

Official Name
During its construction, the structure was known as the "South Shore Bridge" or the "pont de la Rive-Sud" until the official opening on May 24, 1930. At its inauguration, the bridge was named the "Harbour Bridge" or "pont du Havre" since it was built under the auspices of the Commissioners. Some 4,000 members of the elite from across Canada attended the ceremony. A large crowd filled the pavilion and St. Helen's Island as well.

Changing of the Official Name (September 1, 1934)
On June 23, 1934, the Commissioners acceded to public demand as expressed in a petition started by Georges Pelletier, editor of Le Devoir, and adopted a resolution recommending to His Excellency the Governor General in Council that the "Harbour Bridge" be renamed the "JACQUES CARTIER BRIDGE" in tribute to the explorer who discovered Canada in 1534. It was also a way to mark the 400th anniversary of the discovery of Canada. On June 30, 1934, a Departmental Order, bearing the number P.C. 1358, approved the resolution.

Pont Jacques Cartier bridge from Mont Royal lookout

And the Mont Royal Lookout from the Pont Jacques Cartier

Pont Jacques Cartier bridge from Stewart museum/fort

Newly rebuilt bike path about to arrive at boulevard Lafayette.

There are still no maps or direction signs here when you arrive at street level. Welcome to the south shore, and good luck!

Newly rebuilt bike path starts where the bike-sidewalk touches down in Longueuil.

The south (shore) side of Montreal's Pont Jacques Cartier bridge was rebuilt at the end of 2010 . It is now wider, and therefore safer. There seem to be a few finishing details left to do, but the new path is ready to go.

Our buddy, Jacques Cartier


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