Saturday, April 09, 2011


A favorite bike ride along the Chateauguay river and through some beautiful scenery

And a spring classic. (Summer and fall too.)

We weren't the only creature flying through the air today

Cows of the edible variety

harvesting the sap

Boyd settlement road is primo cycle terrain

One of the oldest forests in Quebec

Click it and read it. Trees that are over 300 years old.

We ask: why has chocolate milk morphed into chemical chocolate "milkshake" crap?

We hate industrially-manufactured food.

The only round barn in the valley.

Restored historical plaque at the pont Percy covered bridge.

Click it and read it.

1862 and still going strong - and just restored.

Geese spend a surprising amount of time on the ground.

Someone in Athelstan has a serious train habit.

South of Huntingdon the road is often very close the river.

And the forest is sometimes very close to the road.

High water line

This was a big tree, but not anymore.

Maybe the biggest we've ever seen?

The map of the ride is here at Bikely.


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