Sunday, May 01, 2011

Bike paths open 1 month - still waiting for a decent cleaning

Why are these people bypassing the downtown entrance to the Lachine Canal bike path at Peel Basin?

because the bike path is completely covered in wintershit.

Can we please get the bike paths cleaned?

The entrance to Lachine Canal is a MESS.

One month is plenty of time to for the city to clean this entrance.

Speaking of Basin Peel, the derelict cement makes great introduction to mountain bike training ground.

Also, it seems to attract accordian players in quantity!

Some good news

The south side of the Lachine Canal bike path reopens the canal crossing at the east end of the canal.

South side of Lachine canal re-connects to Old Montreal.

This corner of the canal is getting some improvements.


At 6:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another section of the Lachine canal bike near the basin and previous site of Canada Post Mail treatment center is graveled and will remain for a while.
Also, a lot of work on the bike path in Lachine which is actually closed. Cyclists must ride on boul. St-Joseph till 24th avenue. Not good for family or people unused to riding in trafic...

At 11:49 PM, Blogger cesine said...

Is the north side of the canal open between Wellington and Des Segnieurs? I tried in early April and ended up illegally walking in mud. Gravel is better than closed. Since then I've been crossing over to the south side and its pretty hard to find a moment to cross Wellington. Its on the way to the Victoria bridge so cars are in a hurry to get through the light before it changes. It doesn't look like the city changed the light pattern to create a time slot for pedestrians or bikers. Maybe the detour is over and I can take the north side?

At 11:56 PM, Blogger cesine said...

I also wanted to take a picture of the Pile of Snow Remnants at Basin peel thanks for taking the picture! On the other hand there were some awesome guys hacking away at the ice under the bridges on the canal in early April. Its the first year that i see them do that. Last year I didn't expect the ice and I almost crashed. It effectively made the bike path useable a lot earlier than if they had let it melt naturally. (I swear the bridges are natural refrigerators as long as there's a bit of ice in them :)

I also noticed on a warm day in late March that they had plowed the path along the River in Lasalle, does anyone know if they plowed it all winter? Maybe they're planning year-round cycling after all :)


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