Sunday, March 18, 2012

A perfect spring ride

Spring has sprung and this means that on the weekend we must ride, and this ride must occur outside the city in the fresh country air.

Round barn on Gore road - a rare sight in Quebec

Ormstown-Powerscourt again, because it is a great early-season ride with lots of options to extend (or shrink) the distance of the ride. Plus it has tons of scenery. Plus it is a flat ride - no pesky hills. Plus it is on scenic and quiet country roads. Plus these roads are generally in good to very good condition. Plus the Starting point in Ormstown is not too far from Montreal. That's a lot of pluses!

The route is Ormstown to Powerscourt along the Chateauguay river, via Island road, continue through Dewittville and road name changes to Fairview, in Huntingdon cross the river and take 138 to bridge to 4th concession, continue south to first concession, turn left (east) to Powerscourt, then north to Athelstan and east(ish) on Ridge and Gore roads to Dewittville sideroad and cross the Chateauguay at dewittville and back via scenic Rt 138A to O-town.

Quebec's oldest and most-recently renovated covered bridge in Powerscourt

Adirondack mountains across the border in New York State.

Chateauguay river at hooker's bridge just outside Ormstown
Compare to last week (see post below)

drip, drip, drip, boil, boil, boil, et voila maple syrup is born!


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