Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We visit the new location of boutique Cycles Gervais Rioux

Cycles Gervais Rioux has moved to a larger, whiter location a couple of blocks north on St-Laurent boulevard from their cozy old location.

If you are one of those well-funded cyclists who can wear white shorts and white gloves to ride your bike and routinely wear completely matching thousand-dollar cycling outfits (each with it's specific color-matched Oakleys), you will love this store.

Gervais Rioux is the place to get Argon 18 rolling billboards, oops we mean bicycle brand and all the color-coordinated accessories you can be suckered into, er, have always dreamed of. Maybe they should carry the Thorstein Veblen brand of bicycles too? We pity the 1% who have to spend so much of their hard-earned dinero to exhibit consumption patterns superior to the rest of us hoi polloi.

We might sound grumpy (envious? Not!) but boy-oh-boy we surely do want that titanium Moots Vamoots CR in the front window. Something has to replace the Bertrand one of these years, and the Moots would be a great choice.

We think this is a top bike shop, maybe Montreal's top bike shop (certainly Montreal's most "exclusive" shop), so don't let our sour grapes about cyclists who wear white stop you from visiting and buying any (or heck, all) of the excellent products to be found in their new and improved store location. They also do bit fit so if you are having any troubles "assuming the position" on your bike, make an appointment to get happier on your bike.


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