Sunday, October 19, 2008

Perfect weather Chateauguay Valley ride

Rivers, fields, forests, farms, a cycling paradise!

Chateuguay river, Battle of Chateauguay museum at right, commemorating the battle in the war of 1812 when we kicked the USA's butt!

Covey Hill still far away, and still today's goal

absorbing some late-season vitamin D

Riding along the Chateauguay river for an hour starts the ride

Ahh, the chateauguay valley, cycling paradise south west of Montreal. After two months spent (wasted surely) doing home renovations, we had a new bike, a big need to go for a real ride, and we wanted a new route to ride. So we crossed the Mercier bridge and took the Rt 138 to Ste-Martine, gateway to the chateauguay valley.

We parked in Ste-Martine at the arena/recreation park (behind the "bar O'Pub"). There is a bike path here to Howick, we will end our ride on,. But first, we cross the river for a few miles of riverside riding.

We cross the river and turn immediately westward. (there is a bike path here to Beauharnois also), and then ride along a very nice and long section of the Chateauguay river to Allan's corners, then after a zig-zag across the river and rt 138 to get to (Mtee) Brysonville sideroad, we head straight south (and gently climbing) past "the rock" to St-Antoine-Abbé, up the hill to Covey hill road via Brooks, and then headed east, and once all the days climbing was over, at the crest of the big descent towards Hemmingford (visible from Mt Royal) we zoomed down the Covey Hill hill, and we zoomed fast - over 75 km/h.

We turned at the first corner and went downhill some more to Havelock, then Russelltown, Ste-Chrysostome, Aubrey, Riverfield (where the leg cramps hit!), Howick, and then the bike path back to Ste-Martine, where we had parked the car at the arena.

It was one of those absolutely perfect clear-air days where the visibility is over one hundred miles in every direction.

It was, in a word, an amazing ride, full of good stuff, and a steady climb, mostly gently, to St-Antoine-Abbé, then the fun begins.

This is a great ride to do anytime of the year.

Here is a link to the bikely map of this excellent 80 km ride.

the bikely map of the ride

Ste-Martine bridge, bike path continues to Beauharnois for an easier ride option


At 6:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

very nice pics

At 8:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, all the colors seem to be gone now... I was there last week and the foliage was going crazy! Nice pics.


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