Sunday, May 04, 2008

Exploring Montreal's history, on bike

Sure, we know that Old Montreal is historic, and we know that there are lots of old buildings everywhere in our city.

Montrealers are lucky that much of our architectural history is preserved because we avoided the destroy-and-rebuild urban renewal movement of the 60s. (For instance, the entire Plateau Mont Royal district was NOT demolished to create a new UQAM)

But, how do we learn more, and what can we use as a guide to exploring our lovely city?

Cycle Fun Montreal recommends the book "Pignon sur rue - les quartiers de Montréal." This book is an excellent historical guide to Montreal, neighbourhood by neighbourhood. The book is in french, but isn't hard to understand. It has plenty of pictures, and each picture is identified on a map so you can visit the exact location!

Highly recommended. If you are at all interested in Montreal architecture or heritage, it should be on your bookshelves.

Here is a link to this book at the Renaud-Bray bookstores.

Also, Heritage Montreal conducts walking tours of different areas of Montreal.

Montreal is a fascinating city to live in and enjoy. Exploring it on bike is also fun, and that's why we write this blog, to share the fun with you.


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