Monday, October 27, 2008

Another chateauguay valley loop

The ride as viewed from space!

The ride as viewed from Bikely

Harvest that petroleum-fueled corn crop! 10 calories of petro for each calorie of food!

Crossing the Chateauguay river at Dewittville

At Allen's Corners we took a second to take a picture at same spot as last week, big change!

Sometimes, even we take our own advice, so we wnt for a ride, and what a great ride it was!

We rode from Ste-Martine along the quiet side of the Chateauguay river, this time to Dewittville, where we turned south to Rockburn, then took the 202 to Franklin via the apple store zone, where we stopped for some delicious muffins at Blair's.

translation: food for hungry cyclists!

Blair's comfy benches and tasty muffins, a perfect pitstop before the downhill half of the ride

Then it was downhill to Ste-Antoine, past the Rock to St-Pierre, where we turned right (east) on to Howick on brand new asphalt and tailwind (woohoo!) and back to Ste-Martine and some dogs at Gregoire's at sunset.

Again we had a perfect weather clear air day, these can't last, so we enjoy them while we can, and you should to0.

Hre's the link to the Bikely map of the route.


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