Saturday, June 27, 2009

Missing road in Google maps - Chemin du Nordet, St Donat

The excellent Chemin du Nordet, a road through wilderness

We love cycling the Chemin du Nordet, an amazing recently-built road between St-Donat and Lac Superieur in the Laurentians.

This road is a favorite for cyclists looking for a Vermont-scale road in the laurentians, as well as for anyone looking for a Laurentians' road that isn't post-apocalyptic in its road-surface quality.

This road has been in existence for several years, but Google maps (and therefore Bikely) has steadfastly refused to acknowledge its existence. MS has had this road on their maps for years, which makes Google's omission that much more unbearable (and embarrassing for the all-knowing Google).

So, we looked into it, and found out how to report "new roads" to the Google's map supplier.

Now the clock is ticking, and we we see how long it takes the correction to show up on Google maps, and then on Bikely. We would hope it is mere hours, but it's more likely weeks and months! Stay tuned.

Note: if you want to ride this road, this link will get you the road on the Bing (MS) map. You should be aware that this is a hilly road (and that's a good thing).


The autoreply:

Thanks for your feedback about Tele Atlas maps! We appreciate your help to identify changes and keep our maps as fresh and accurate as possible.

To check the status of your report, click this link to your Map Insight Status Page or copy and paste this text into your browser:

Tele Atlas makes updates to its maps every day, but it takes time for those changes to show up in our partners' products. Once the Map Insight Status Page indicates that your issue has been addressed at Tele Atlas, please contact your application provider to learn when the update will be available for your device or application.

Please visit the Tele Atlas web site at to see how our database is created and maintained. Tele Atlas employs over 2,000 people in many countries around the world and uses a vast network of resources and users like you to continually update our maps. We appreciate people like you who take the time to tell us where we might need to make a change.

Please continue to help us by entering new reports here and thanks!

- Tele Atlas

Please do not reply as this is an automated email.

Update October 6: This road is still missing from Google maps.


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