Saturday, September 12, 2009

Havelock Fair 2009

Visiting a country fair gives you the chance to inspect the business-end of a cow

Havelock fair isn't Quebec's largest fair, but it's one of the most charming. And it had some giant pumpkins and interesting quilts. We are fascinated with quilts. It is in a beautiful setting, and a drive up or down the road lets you visit plenty of apple orchards for apples, u-pik fun, and delicious baked and preserved products.

September is the month when we visit some of Quebec's regional fairs and festivals.

One of our favorites in the kid's costume parade

Magnificent Percheron draft horses

Judging the 4-H cattle competition

Ready for the barrel race

red golden pheasant

Blue skies and fresh country air

Havelock Fair backdrop is Covey Hill

White Silkie chicken, unusual (blue flesh!) to say the least

Many animals are to be seen at this fair

Winning quilt

The middle pumpkin weighs 975 pounds.


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