Friday, October 24, 2008

Rainy weekend ahead? Tune up your bike for next season!

Yes, now is a good time to do next spring's tuneup. Look at the tires, please! Can you see cracks, threads, or the tube? Do the wheels wobble? Do the brakes brake?

Now is a great time for the annual tune-up.

Bike shops are not busy this time of year, so bring it in if any specific work needs to be done or you want that complete tuneup done.

Your bike treats you good doesn't it? It deserves a little bit of love in return.

Next spring, when the sun comes out and the roads are ready for biking, and your bike needs a tire and a tuneup and the shops have a two week waiting list for repairs and tuneups, you'll be glad you (for once) took our advice!


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