Friday, September 11, 2009

4-lane autoroute through western Mont Royal park will be split in to 2 lanes for cars and 2 lanes for cyclists and pedestrians

We learned a long time ago that if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn't true. The lottery and promises made by politicians during elections are two good examples.

Here's another one (from Francois Cardinal's column in the la Presse newspaper). Yet he presents it as truth, so it must be true... right?

La Press has learned that the City has allocated two million dollars to remove a good portion of the highway on Mount Royal.

Within a few months, traffic will be prohibited on two lanes that connect Côte-des-Neiges to the top of the mountain, the section passing by Beaver Lake. (chemin Remembrance road)

The closed lanes will be completely dedicated to bicycles and pedestrians.

Motorists up and down and will share the remaining leg, that is to say, the side that runs along the cemetery.

We will shrink the automobile's part of the road from four to two lanes.

That's some translation, courtesy google translator robot.

No news on what will be done to reduce the rush hour traffic across the mountain, which is supposed to be a park, not an autoroute. One option is to stop the cross-mountain traffic, cars on the east could come and go on the east side only, and cars from the west could come and go on the west side only. We support this idea.

Click here to read the original column (french).


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